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Festa of Immacolata
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The devotion to the Immacolata is deep rooted in Borgo Partenope in whose honor there used to be three separate celebrations with procession in years past, on December 8, February 12 and the last Sunday of September, the last one is the only one currently celebrated. The other two were instituted in thanksgiving to the Immacolata for the protection of the town during some of the earthquakes.

The celebration of February 12 remembers the quake of 1854 which caused 22 deaths and damage to the Parish Church but not as much damage as in other nearby towns. The one of the last Sunday of September, according to tradition, started after the earthquake of September 8, 1905 when the Parish Church, which was where now is the town square, was completely destroyed but the fact that the statue of the Immacolata was found undisturbed in its niche among the ruins was seen by the people as a miracle and a sign of the Madonna’s Protection.

That statue is the same one venerated to day in the new Church of S. Nicola built a short distance from the destroyed one. It is in a niche over the altar dedicated to Her. The wood statue probably of the 18th century, and restored several times, represents the Madonna, resting on a cloud held by angels, her eyes toward the sky, with a crown of 12 stars, the moon under her feet and below is  acrushed serpent.

Several other religious celebrations were taking place in Borgo Partenope other then the main one of the Immacolata, in years past, like the one of S.Antonio di Padova on June 13, Santa Maria on September 8 and the Madonna di Fatima on May 13, also the processions of the Corpus Domini and Via Crucis and, going farther back, there were the celebrations of the Madonna del Rosario and S. Nicola di Bari.





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