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At some distance from the centerof townis the Santuario di S.Ippolito. The facade of the Church is of Greco Roman Style with six crowned columns holding the gabled top where a clock is located. At the back of the Church and attached to it, is the bell tower with a cuspidate door which shows traces of majolica decoration, on the left side of the Church and also attached to it is the Priest’s residence.

The interior of the Church consists of a single nave with two Chapels on each side of it all with marble altars. The first Chapel on the left is dedicated to Santa Lucia, the Patron Saint of the Parish, over the Altar of the second Chapel on the left is a canvas of the Martyrdom of S. Ippolito being dragged by two horses. Over the Altar of the first Chapel on the right is a canvas of the Madonna and Child, over the Altar of the second Chapel on the right is a canvas of S. Francesco di Paola.

At the end of the main nave is the main Altar made of multicolored marble from the beginning of the 1900s, over it, flanked by two candle holding Angels, is a canvas of S.Ippolito on his horse attributed to the painter Rocco Ferrari, also attributed to him are the canvases of Santa Lucia and of the Martyrdom of S. Ippolito, mentioned above.

The ceiling of the main Altar area is decorated with a fresco by S. Presta of Glorious S. Ippolito surrounded by Angels of 1908.

The ceiling of the main nave is decorated with stuccos and frescos, two round ones represent the Madonna of Pompei and Pope S.Sisto II. In the middle is a fresco of an Archangel of 1911, signed by Rocco Ferrari.

The statue of the Patron Saint is located in a niche at the left of the main Altar. It is a bust of carved wood of the XVIII century, it represents S.Ippolito as a Roman soldier wearing a metal helmet, holding a palm branch in his right hand as a symbol of his martyrdom and his left hand over his heart. The statue is in a canopy made of gilded metal supported by four columns, the canopy can be removed from the niche to be carried through the town during the procession on the Feast Day. In 2003 the statue was restored to its original colors.

In the Santuario is also the carved wood statue of Santa Lucia, brought there from the Parish Church which is now closed in need of repair, also there is a recently added statue of the Madonna del Carmine. At the entrance is a marble Holy Water Font of the late 1800s and a large crucifix of papier-mache`.

The Relic of S.Ippolito is kept in an elegant Reliquary.

The various earthquakes over the years, especially the one of 1854, severely damaged the original structure of the Santuario which had been there many years.

The present one is of fairly recent construction, late 1800s, early 1900s.





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