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The Church of Santa Lucia, the Parish Church, is in the center of town facing Piazza Dionisio.

The facade appears in two sections with two doors and a round window above each door both sections are topped by a single gable with a niche. At the left is the bell tower with the top section of bare bricks while the rest is plastered like the rest of the Church.

The interior consists of a single nave of simple construction, over the main Altar which is made of marble was an image of Santa Lucia later replaced by a crucifix. At each side of the main Altar is a niche, in one was a statue of Santa Lucia, currently in the Santuario, in the other is a statue of S. Joseph. On the left of the main nave is a Chapel dedicated to the “Sacro Cuore”, on the right side is the outline of a large arch  in front of which were statues of Santa Liberata, the Madonna Addolorata and the Madonna del Rosario.

That arch used to open into another Chapel now adopted to other uses.

Like the rest of the town, the Church was not spared by the many earthquakes, especially the one in 1854 which nearly destroyed it. The part that remained standing collapsed under the weight of the snow that fell soon after.

The feast of Santa Lucia which was celebrated from this Church on December 13, preceded by a “tredicina” is now celebrated from the Santuario while the Parish Church is closed.






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