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Mario Mauro was born in 1943 from a working family in S.Ippolito. At the age of 14, because of his interest in the arts, he interrupted his schooling against the wishes of his parents who had different hopes. Through hardships, sacrifices and adversities he frequented the school of ceramic arts in Cosenza until 1959. In 1960 he took an active part in establishing the “Gruppo d’Arte di Cosenza” Cosenza art group, with painters Giuseppe Filosa, Antonio Presta and Art critic Dante Volpintesta and came in touch with some contemporary style painters like Treccani, Guttuso, Omiccioli, Zancanaro, De Stefani and Carlo Levi.

In 1966 he emigrated to Germany as a laborer along with many others of the area. While there he took evening classes at the Gottigen Art Institute. In 1968, after a brief stay at home, he went to Milan, to work in a chemical plant.  There he kept in touch with the artistic sector and got to know the painter Banchieri.

In 1966 he returned to S.Ippolito, his birth place, and remained there but keeping in touch with the artistic and intellectual sector of Rome and took part in some exhibitions. In 1978 while in Florence as a guest of the painter L. Arcuri, his contemporary, he worked in the field of painting, graphic and engraving. There he met several artists, also madam M.P. Gonelli.

His participation in artistic exhibitions is limited but notable and important. His work is found in public and private collections in Italy and Abroad. Critiques of his works have been published in many newspapers among which: Paese Sera, L’Unita`, Il Giornale Di Calabria, La gazetta Del Sud, Il Gazettino Calabrese.

He died in March 2004 at the age of 61.



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