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Religious Celebrations



It is difficult to talk about S.Ippolito without mentioning the fervent and lasting devotion of the people of the town to the Patron Saint. To him is dedicated the Santuario, the principal Church of the town. The Feast celebrated on August 13 is also attended by many pilgrims from surrounding towns.

The central part of the Feast is the procession during which the Statue of the Saint is carried through the streets of the town followed by a large number of faithful. Heading the procession is a musical band and also the “Tummarinari” a group of people playing the drums, an ancient tradition. They also play throughout the day and in the thirteen days preceding the Feast (the Tredicina) in preparation for it. Daily Mass is celebrated as part of the “Tredicina”

The Feast is not only of a religious nature, popular events and entertainment are also part of it. The road leading to the Santuario is decorated, illuminated and full of “Bancarelle” temporary vending stalls where anything from religious articles to food and toys are for sale.

During the evening of the 12th and 13th musical programs with renowned singers are also offered. Since the earthquake of 1832 a second but smaller celebration takes place on March 8, the day of the quake, in thanksgiving to S.Ippolito for sparing the Church.

The massive emigration of the past century brought many residents of the town to different parts of the world especially South America, United States and Canada but the devotion to the Saint went with them and local celebrations were organized in Lansing Michigan, Toronto and Windsor Canada.

The one that merits a special mention is the one in Lansing Michigan where is the oldest and largest community of emigrants from S.Ippolito. Currently sponsored by the S.Ippolito Society it has been celebrated since 1938, it takes place at Bunker Hill, on the second Sunday of August with a Mass at noon, followed by the procession on the spacious Church grounds.  A picnic follows and then visiting with friends and relatives. Original emigrants and their descendants and friends take part in it.

At the same time takes place the celebration in Toronto Canada with essentially the same program.


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On December 13 is celebrated the Feast of Santa Lucia, a martyr of the early times of Christianity. After her is named the Parish Church which is in Piazza Dionisio. Currently that Feast is Celebrated from the Santuario while the Parish Church awaits repairs. A procession is  part of the Feast as is the “Tredicina” in preparation for it.

The feast of the Madonna del Rosario, no longer celebrated, use to be on the second Sunday of October also with procession from the Parish Church, Where the statue is kept.




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